About us


We are an accredited  Bahraini  training institute with global partnerships specialized in training, consultations and apprenticeship services.

Uni Training Institute provides the fit-for-purpose solutions for developing core competencies and skills, in addition to higher apprenticeship programs for individuals and organizations in various fields, such as management, information technology, engineering, mechanical functions,  information technology and safety to name a few.

Uni Training Institute  offers its affiliates the opportunity to obtain international professional and vocational certificates through theoretical and applied training programs supervised by the its highly qualified experts and consultants with excellent knowledge and experiences.

In order to rationalize efforts and ensure the effectiveness of the output, we at Uni Training Institute aim to define and analyses institution’s training needs through investigative research efforts, with the objective of planning, developing, and organizing training programs to respond to the factual requirements of the labor market in general and the targeted sector in particular.

All our training programs are delivered in a highly simulated environment that matches real-life working situations enabling our graduates to have the highest job-readiness as a result of our strategic quality of training and education management.

Our Team