Uni Training Institute

 Ensuring better career opportunities through professional training and development 

Our Objectives

Uni Training Institute is determined to create the optimum apprenticeship environment and experience, with a modern view and practice of the best time-tested values in education, training and work ethics.

Our Capabilities

Offering a wide range of professional and vocational services from individual training and career advancement aspirations to team-building and workforce development tasks.

Empowering People and Industries

Uni Training Institute assists individuals in acquiring the best mentorship and vocational certification to secure a suitable and rewarding employment opportunity, as well as supporting industries to grow and to be internationally aligned through the provision and development of highly competent workforces.

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About US

We are an accredited    Bahraini   training institute with global partnerships specialized in training, consultations and apprenticeship services.

Uni Training Institute provides the fit-for-purpose solutions for developing core competencies and skills, in addition to higher apprenticeship programs for individuals and organizations in various fields, such as management, information technology, engineering, mechanical functions,    information technology and safety to name a few.

Our Courses

First Aid
The objective of this program is to provide the knowledge and basic first aid skills that may save a life or prevent further injury. It is also designed to teach the skills of CPR for victims of all ages, the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED); and relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (FBAO).

Upon completion of the program mastery requirements the candidate will be awarded American Heart Association Heart saver First Aid with CPR & AED course completion Certificate which internationally recognized and is valid for two years.
For employees and/or designated first responders who have a duty to respond to a first aid or cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.
(American Heart Association)
Duration : 6 hours
Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Training is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire situation, including selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher. The program is also designed to train staff in your fire safety procedures.

Duration : 6 hours
Post Graduation Course
Confined Space

During this 14-hour program participants will learn the proper procedures for making entry into Permit Required Confined Spaces. This program of instruction will prepare the participant to operate in the capacity of Entrant, Attendant or Supervisor during Confined Space (CS) operations.

Participants will become familiar with OSHA’s Confined Space Standard, and how to properly employ the permit program.

This course is a combination of half classroom instruction with the other half devoted to practical scenarios in actual permit spaces utilizing the appropriate personal protective equipment, meters and ventilation. This course of instruction is required by OSHA before an employee can enter a Permit Required Confined Space. A special emphasis is placed on safety and non-entry rescue.

Duration : 12 hours
Post Graduation Course
IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH gives the trainee the confidence to work in health and safety environment in a high performance level within their teams and to improve the health and safety culture of their organization as a whole.

Duration : 6 hours
Post Graduation Course
Risk Assessment 

This Risk Assessment Training is a key Health and Safety course that teaches you both what Risk Assessments are, as well as how and when to perform them. Understand the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments, and comply with basic legislation. This Risk Assessment Training is IOSH approved.
We aim to ensure that our students are confident with the fundamentals of Health and Safety Risk Assessment.

Duration : 6 hours
Post Graduation Course
Authorized Gas Taster

he aim and objectives of the Authorized Gas Tester training program is to ensure that personnel preparing for a gas tester role are equipped with the knowledge to conduct gas tests for oxygen levels, flammable and toxic gases safely.

This training program also equips the delegate with knowledge to conduct gas testing within confined spaces and awareness of associated confined space hazards.

Delegates will also learn about relevant legislative requirements, gas measuring and monitoring equipment and documenting gas test results.

Duration : 6 hours